Does this sound familiar? You want a piece of cute jewelry, you ask about it, but don't know a whole lot about metals, gems, if it'll tarnish, turn you green, or if it's even worth the price. After buying it, you still weren't too sure about the jewelry you just got; and often times, it faded quickly and turned your skin green. You don't deserve that. 

This guide into our materials is about transparency and helping you make the best decision when considering our jewelry as a good fit for you. If it is, rest easy knowing all our pieces are backed for life with our quality guarantee. You deserve that.

The Jewelry "Problem" to Consider

Before we begin, We'd like to clear the air on one of the most confusing jewelry issues out there... Tarnish. 


Tarnish is built up corrosion on metals exposed to oxygen and moisture, like an old rusty bike. The bad news... all metals tarnish over time, meaning, the only difference is in the time it takes different metals to build up tarnish. The good news... tarnish can be cleaned up easily to restore metal to brand new!

What we are saying is, tarnish isn't a pressing issue on gold jewelry, it's the fading of the gold layer that you should be worried about (which is what most people think tarnish means). That's where gold-filled metals really set the bar for jewelry. 

Our Metals


We're exclusive to this metal because it's known as the best alternative to solid gold in terms of durability and affordability. It is a very thick tube of fine gold "filled" with another metal such as brass or copper and fused together with heat and pressure (picture a grilled cheese, where the bread is fine gold, the cheese is another metal, and it is pressed and heated until its warm, delicious, melted together goodness. YUM! This process makes a layer of fine gold at least 100x thicker than the thickest plated jewelry. Gold-Filled is a true thicc and fine baddie.

What does this deliciousness mean for you?

This means, our gold jewelry is hypo-allergenic (unless you're the 0.23% that's allergic to gold) and durable enough to last for decades with proper jewelry care. Even with little to no jewelry care, gold-filled is durable enough to take a beating, which is why we love it.

So why doesn't everybody use Gold-Filled Metals?

Unfortunately, a lot of jewelry companies are concerned with the fastest and cheapest ways to get things done. Gold-Fill is carefully regulated and MUST be at least a 5% fine gold to weight ratio, making it harder to make, work with, and costs more than using fake gold or gold solution like plated, dipped, or vermeil metals. There's a reason these plated metals are classified as, "Costume Jewelry," while gold-filled is designated, "Demi-Fine." 

Our Gems

We love pearls and semi-precious gems because the universe is beautiful and makes beautiful things (just like you). There are thousands of these out there, both natural and man-made, but regardless, what’s important to us is transparency and letting you know what’s what so you can decide what's best for you.

AA-AAA Grade

These grade of gemstones are assigned to a gemstone that is considered “being near perfect.” Though these stones do show some variation in color, they are clean, well cut and polished.


We love how perfectly imperfect gems can be, so we love to use gems with minimal to no cuts, just a light polish to highlight its already beautiful features.


As mother nature intended. We leave these as is because the universe doesn't make mistakes and makes for the most unique, one of a kind pieces.

Custom Carvings

Sometimes, we like to get crazy and hand carve some gems in different shapes to make more unique designs, especially if it was a special custom request.


Have a Beautiful day, you deserve it!

Mel & G