This is about more than jewelry and more than expression. This is about finding little ways to stand up for yourself. We deserve the ways of honesty, quality, love and family. We do it this way because it is one small step towards going after what we deserve. This is the Way.


Meet the makers
Welcome to the Family,
We're Mel and G, lovers of aliens, beers, and making jewelry (in that order)! This all started out of frustration when we felt taken advantage of by countless "magical" jewelry companies selling us "luxury" stuff that turned us green and faded quickly. Turns out it was just crappy plated jewelry. We deserved better; so we didn't stop until we made it better. This quickly became about more than us and about way more than jewelry. This is about helping others take a small step towards more self-respect,  self-love, and going after what you deserve. That's real magic and luxury; we'd love to share what that looks like with you.


San Diego, CA

So how did we make it better? Well, that started in our studio in Mission Beach, California. Armed with the knowledge of the JEWELRY GODS (hundreds of hours of internet research), we were able to make quality, skin-friendly, and tarnish-resistant jewelry. Now, we offer everything we learned to you because we know what it's like to love jewelry, and how hard it is to find quality jewelry. 

We source the metals here in the U.S, mostly New Mexico and California. For our Gems, we prefer sourcing them from as close to their origin as possible, and hand picking the best ones from there. Then the two of us hand make it (our favorite date night) with Gold-Filled metals because we prefer quality over quantity. This means you can wear it everyday while remaining skin-friendly and tarnish-resistant. 


It's our hope that the way we do business catches on. Our philosophy is pretty simple: Do Better, Be Better. When you do better, you become your own hero, and you help others do the same. That's being better.

Quality jewelry is just our way to spread this idea. While offering quality jewelry is a small gesture, we pride ourselves in being there for you in a world that seems they couldn't care less about your journey.

That's why our pieces are backed with a big gesture quality guarantee, and honest transparency about our materials. We expect nothing less than the best from those around us and you shouldn't either.

Have a beautiful day, you deserve it.

Made with much love in San Diego,
Mel & G