This is about so much more than jewelry. This is about treating ourselves and this planet better. You deserve to have nice things that do nice things at the same time. That's what this is about.


We're Bohemian Blush, lovers of this planet, aliens, and making jewelry (in that order)! Enough about us, because this has very little to do with our story and very much so to do with all of us as a whole.

Let's cut the BS. We're hurting ourselves and hurting this planet. We hurt ourselves with negative self talk, not dealing with our demons, and thinking we don't deserve to have nice things. We're hurting the planet with poor decision making, like buying stuff from the companies hurting it the most or who are not doing anything at all.

This little shop is our way of guiding change and promoting healing, so you can go and spread that to your world. If you can change yourself, you can change your world.

So, we formally invite you on this journey, bettering ourselves together, because together, we might actually have a shot of making this work.  


So what's makes this jewelry any different? Well, as far as quality, we're the next best thing to solid gold! Nothing here is plated, meaning, you're getting 14 Karat quality Gold. This mean all our jewelry hypo-allergenic and has tarnish resistance that can last years longer than the plated crap. It looks nice, because it is nice, and you deserve nice things, babe.

Most importantly, we're committed to your well-being by using our jewelry to raise money and awareness for mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health. We are constantly looking for new organizations to partner with or donate to in order to give back. Every piece you buy is contributing to these causes. This is why we do what we do in the first place.


But what about the planet? Great question. This starts with quality. We swore to never offer plated jewelry because most often, it ends up becoming trash once that cheap gold color chips off. Our stuff is meant to stay on you and stay out of the landfills.

This continues with our production and packaging. We hand make is because machines waste too much and don't love it into existence. We recycle and up-cycle our scrap gold and use biodegradable packaging so nothing is wasted.

What we are most proud of is using our jewelry to raise money and awareness around environmental and social causes. Again, we love to partner with organizations making a difference for the climate and following current events to chip in to social justice movements happening around the world. Every piece you buy contributes here too.


At Bohemian Blush, we mean what we say, and say what we mean. This isn't about money, or power, or clout. Our philosophy is simple: Do Better, Be Better. We have to. When you do better, you inspire others to do the same. That's being better. 

Offering quality jewelry is a very small gesture, but where the real magic happens is with you. When you believe in our mission, buy our stuff, and stand with us, it allows us to work together to do better so we can be better.  That's what this is about.

Have a beautiful day, you deserve it.

Handmade with much love in San Diego,
Bohemian Blush