You Deserve This

Like a good chiropractor, we got your back. We know what it's like to be burned by crap jewelry, and we just won't stand for that. You deserve better, and we are here for it. We also know what it's like to break a necklace or two during casual to extreme activities, so yes, the warranty comes with free repairs and even cleanings if you're not having success doing it on your own.

Besides lost, stolen, and blatant mishandling (like idk, dropping a ring in a fire pit and getting it once the fires out), the warranty covers basically everything. If that does happen, send it to us anyway, a good chiropractor doesn't leave anyone in extreme pain. You can also come by our local markets in San Diego, CA, to get it repaired on the spot while you shop around. 

If you want to use your warranty, head over to our instagram and message us directly. We will send you the shipping details and/or give you the local markets we will be at that week. Response time is usually within 24-48hrs.

As always, we are grateful and blessed you're spending some time here with us. Have a beautiful day, you deserve it! :)