Dalmatian Jasper Ring
Dalmatian Jasper Ring

Dalmatian Jasper Ring


6000 Years ago, an ancient tribe where Mexico is today was awakened to a ball of fire crashing into the side of their mountain. The tribe was in awe, and the elders were split in deciding if the fallen star was a good or bad omen which caused a gruesome war a hundred years. Then, a daring princess named Jasper climbed the mountain to see the fallen star. No one knows exactly what happened up there, but when she descended, she brought a message from the star, "I am good. I am bad. It is the two together that makes me whole. I cannot be without the other." The tribe seemed to understand, and they made peace.

Dalmatian Jasper is a powerful stone coming from Chihuahua, Mexico. It has been hailed as a stone that balances your Yin and Yang to feel whole. We could not think of a better way to honor this princess and the good and the bad within us. We hope this ring will serve a reminder to you to embrace yourself as you are, make adjustments on the go, and fight for what you believe.

Materials: Natural Dalmatian Jasper; 12K Gold Filled wire

  • Not to be confused with plated (aka vermeil), our pieces are gold-filled, meaning made using solid gold to last and be lived in. Since gold is one of the least reactive metals, it won't turn you green and it won’t tarnish as easily. Wear it anytime, anywhere (yes, even in water). 





what is gold-filled jewelry?

Gold-Filled is at least 100 times stronger and more durable than plated jewelry and is the next best thing to solid gold. This is because the gold-filling process requires the use of solid gold, while plated jewelry uses a solution to give a gold coloring. This means, that with gold-filled jewelry, you get most of the benefits of solid gold like being water resistant, tarnish-resistant, and hypo-allergenic, but without that hefty price tag, or quick tarnishing plated items.