Rhodonite Ring


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Listen closely, it is time to channel your inner Guan Yin, buddhist goddess of compassion. The stunning pink hue of this crystal makes it a powerful piece to add to your neutral outfits. Since its an uncommon stone, not many people will be able to identify it, giving your style a unique and complex depth they wish they could put together. Rhodonite vibrates on a compassionate frequency, calming you the fudge down; we recommend wearing it on your middle finger.

materials - natural rhodonite; 12k gold-filled wire

  • Not to be confused with plated (aka vermeil), our pieces are gold-filled, meaning made using solid gold to last and be lived in. Since gold is one of the least reactive metals, it won't turn you green and it won’t tarnish as easily. Wear it anytime, anywhere (yes, even in water). 

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